Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR has a very high priority for ROAD. Only in the interplay of economic, social and sustainable aspects will ROAD remain fit for the future and thus secure its long-term success. This is clearly reflected in the corporate strategy. One guideline is central in the integrated corporate and sustainability strategy, ROAD acts customer-oriented, sustainable and lives diversity.


Environment & Climate

As a company, ROAD bears a special responsibility towards the environment. In order to meet this, ROAD consistently analyzes current developments and challenges and adapts its measures and targets accordingly.
The continuous improvement process is also the focus of all management systems. Therefore, targets and measures are set annually to improve the environmental performance at our company site. The main focus is on reducing energy consumption, cutting waste, raising employee awareness and targeted management of site-specific environmental aspects. When introducing and planning new processes, we are always guided by the respective state of the art.

We regard compliance with laws and regulations on environmental protection as a basic prerequisite and also strive for continuous ecological improvements. All employees bear a personal responsibility for environmental protection in their area of activity. We therefore regularly inform, train and motivate them to act responsibly. We strive to permanently minimize all substances and materials used in our products and to use and dispose of them with the greatest possible environmental compatibility in mind. Compliance with the RoHS Directive according to 2011/65/EU as well as the REACH Regulation according to 1907/2006/EC is decisive for us.


Energy generation through renewable energies

The company itself generates electrical energy from sustainable energy sources through its own combined heat and power plant and around 500 solar modules on the roofs of our buildings, accounting for over 80% of the company's total requirements.
Our electricity supplier additionally provides further energy with a high share from renewable sources.


Human & Social

The success of the company is essentially based on the skills, motivation and commitment of our employees. A clear vision and shared values among employees and managers form the framework according to which everyone acts in a goal-oriented and sustainable manner. The ROAD mission statement is the basis for joint action and serves as the foundation of a corporate culture characterized by respect, openness, trust and appreciation.

Satisfied and healthy employees who feel good in their workplace are motivated and perform best for the company. In this context, a good working environment, attractive career opportunities, occupational safety, company health promotion and an attractive company pension program play an essential role. In addition, ROAD promotes sporting activities for its employees.


We take responsibility

ROAD not only takes responsibility for the company, but is also concerned with its environment. Apart from the fact that ROAD naturally complies with all official and legal requirements, we are committed to social, environmental, integrity and compliance activities through a wide range of activities that go beyond this. These include projects to promote the regional economy as well as support for children and young people, which is particularly close to our hearts. ROAD is a reliable partner for customers and suppliers as well as for its employees and society.


ROAD is a member of the UN Global Compact

The 10 principles of the UN Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labor standards, environment and corruption prevention serve as a guideline for ROAD's vision of an inclusive and sustainable economy, as well as the basis for ROAD's Code of Conduct, which employees and business partners alike comply with.


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